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RapidFundraising is a customizable fundraising platform for marching bands, nonprofits and booster clubs that is easy-to-use, inclusive and affordable. Make your next fundraiser the best one yet.

  • Keep 93% Of Profits
  • Bring Groups Together
  • Fully-Customizable Platform

*Due to our platform’s customizations, we currently have 10 5 monthly signups left.

Trusted by countless groups across the U.S.

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Trusted by countless groups across the U.S.

Fundraising Shouldn’t Be A Chore. We Make It Fun.

Raising funds for your marching band, booster club or team shouldn’t be a chore. It should be a fun experience that not only boosts your donations, but creates unforgettable experiences that bring groups together and builds community. Most importantly:

Your platform should be customized to your needs, not the other way around.

At RapidFundraising, you can easily modify the way your fundraiser works, including one-time donations, monthly subscriptions and more. Our easy-to-use dashboard allows you to create, run and optimize your campaigns on the fly and share your success with like-minded groups.

We proudly serve:

Marching and Concert Band

Dance Teams

Choir Groups

Theater Groups

Booster Clubs

Non-Profit Groups

Sports Programs

Because our mission is to change your fundraising culture, we are limited in the amount of groups we can enroll at any given time.

*Due to our platform’s customizations, we currently have 10 5 monthly signups left.

Trusted by countless groups across the U.S.

Full Customization.
Instant Payouts. Success Sharing.

After being responsible for fundraising for years, we’ve
reimagined a better way to fundraise.

Keep 93% Profits

Our platform includes an industry-best 93% of profits without any hidden fees or escalators.

Built-In Incentives

Access built-in incentives to get your group excited and create unforgettable experiences.

Online Dashboard

Access our simple-to-use dashboard with everything you need to run, manage and optimize your fundraiser.

Ongoing Education

Our team supports your long-term success in how to make each fundraiser better than the last.

Endless Customization

Customize your fundraiser for all kinds of donations and payouts to exceed your goals.

Instant Payouts

Don’t wait for payouts. Our platform allows you to instantly put them into your group’s account.

Community Building

We believe we are better, together. Our process focuses on bringing teams together to connect with potential donors.

Shared Success

Connect with like-minded bands and groups to learn from one another for maximum impact.

Trusted by countless groups across the U.S.

Award Winning
Music For All Fundraising

Music For All Fundraising Gold Award in 2019

Trusted by countless groups across the U.S.

Get Started. Start Connecting.

A successful fundraiser is only the start. We’re here to make the entire process effortless for your group so you can focus on what matters.

Trusted by countless groups across the U.S.

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We’re proud to become the primary fundraiser for marching bands, groups and booster clubs.

Trusted by countless groups across the U.S.

Built With Purpose. Led By
A Mission. Driven By Values.

Meet RapidFundraising’s Founders Jeanee and Curtis Almond

Marching bands changed our lives. For years, we’ve been involved with them and traveled the country with our two children. During that time we’ve met thousands of students and been a part of countless fundraising efforts.

Along the way, we realized organizations were missing out on more fundraising success due to outdated tech, rigid platforms and delayed payouts. Additionally, many popular platforms didn’t bring groups, teams and donors together in real life.

We exist to create amazing experiences for the benefit of others and our mission is to transform your fundraising culture.

RapidFundraising helps marching bands and school groups create fundraisers that bring communities together, bring in more profit and share their success with other organizations.

All in an easy-to-use, intuitive and fully customizable platform built around your needs.

Years Marching Band & Non-Profit Experience

Funds Raised During The Last 5 Years

Fundraiser Profit % You Keep

Because our mission is to transform organizations fundraising culture,
we are limited in the amount of groups we can enroll at any given time.

Trusted by countless groups across the U.S.

Welcome To The Future Of Fundraising

While there’s many options for fundraising, we stand out with our customizable platform,
instant payouts and industry-leading 93% profits.

*Due to our platform’s customizations, we currently have 10 5 monthly signups left.

Trusted by countless groups across the U.S.

Everything You Need
For A Record-Breaking Fundraiser

Every feature has been designed to ensure your group’s fundraiser is better than the last.

  • Customized Fundraising
  • Monthly Donation Club
  • Easy Admin & Reporting
  • Band Fan & Alumni Campaigns
  • Corporate Donations Integration
  • 100% Non-Profit Corporate Donation Payouts
  • Custom Participant Goals
  • Custom Donation Amounts & Descriptions
  • Fundraiser Success Training

Trusted by countless groups across the U.S.

What Makes
RapidFundraising Different

We believe we’re better, together. Our purpose is to elevate and share your band, group or team’s success.

Trusted by countless groups across the U.S.

Why Groups Love RapidFundraising

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Frequently Asked Questions

Simple. Watch our free demo to learn how it works, or click any button to get started with your account where you’ll be able to get your next fundraiser up and running quickly. NOTE: Due to our platform’s customizations and mission of creating amazing experiences for the communities we serve, we are limited to 10 5 fundraising groups per month.

Our platform allows you to keep 93% of your profits. We exist to empower your group and ensure every dollar creates more impact and contributes to your success.

We know there’s tons of fundraising platforms. However, ours is uniquely focused on school bands, groups and teams that are underserved. We stand out with customization, incentives, faster payouts and an inclusive platform to bring groups, donors and teams together.

As soon as you’d like. Click here or on any button on the page to get started, enter your name and email, then proceed to reserve your fundraising spot. Our team will walk you through the building, customizing and launching your next fundraiser.

We’re a purpose-built business who is more interested in your long-term success than accumulating more sign-ups. With a mission of creating amazing experiences for the benefit of others as a way of giving back, we’re capped at only doing 5 groups per month. If the button links say “Join Waitlist” we are currently booked out.

Trusted by countless groups across the U.S.

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Trusted by countless groups across the U.S.