Ending with a Community Event

Step 5 – Part 2: Ending with a Community Event

The final step of designing your fundraiser is to end the fundraiser with a BANG! Bring the entire community together to witness your group’s achievements and take the time to recognize and appreciate not only the dedicated participants but also the generous donors who made it all possible.

The Event

Many bands conclude their fundraisers with a delightful community event, where they showcase their marching show or culminate the March-a-thon, taking the opportunity to honor all the participants who have earned end-of-fundraiser awards while expressing gratitude to the community for their generous support of the band.
Similarly, during spring concerts, bands often repeat this practice, extending their appreciation to the community members who have contributed to their success.
Furthermore, dance teams and sports teams also embrace the tradition of hosting special events solely dedicated to celebrating the successful conclusion of their fundraisers and to foster meaningful connections with the community.

Recognize the Participants

During the event, it is essential to allocate time for acknowledging and celebrating the participants who have earned end-of-fundraiser incentives. This can be achieved by publicly calling out their names and inviting them to step forward to be recognized for their outstanding hard work and dedication. Even if the rewards are not immediately available, providing the opportunity for them to come forward and be acknowledged will not only foster a sense of accomplishment but also demonstrate our appreciation for their efforts.

Recognize the teams

Ensure the teams you have created are given their deserved time in the spotlight by bringing the entire teams that have achieved team-level rewards up for recognition.

Recognize the Sponsors

If you have corporate sponsors, Now is the perfect moment to express appreciation and recognition to our corporate sponsors for their invaluable support!

The Final $ Reveal

Either at the beginning or end of the event have participants hold up numbers to reveal the final amount raised one digit at a time.  This is a great way to generate excitement for the total amount raised.  See an example of how this is done below.

Checkout how the ending looks on the RapidFundraising site, it is the main image on the site.  It is AWESOME!

Call to Action

  1. Plan your closing of fundraiser event.
  2. Put it on the calendar and evangelize that event with your community.