Engaged Directors = High Participation

Step 4: Engaged Directors = 🚀 Participation

Engagement is critical to the success of this fundraiser.  Hands-on directors and staff members inspire a great culture which results in higher level of participant participation.  The more participants, the more money you will raise!  Your goal is to have 95% of your organization contributing to the fundraiser. (95% of participants have donations)  

Below are success factors I have found from other organizations who have executed this fundraiser.  

Call to Action

If you are a director, please read these and reflect on when and how you can be engaged.  

If you are a volunteer, please make sure your directors read this and if possible, talk about how the team can be amazingly engaged with participants and families.

The participant to director link is so critical!  The most successful groups have directors who are very involved with this fundraiser.  What does an engaged director look like?

An Engaged Director!

The director(s):

  • Are 100% committed to doing the prep work to get the fundraiser off the ground
    • Engage the parents and broader community on this fundraiser and explain a clear purpose of why the $ is needed
    • Inspire participants to participate in the fundraiser
    • Clearly communicates to the participant why this fundraiser is needed and how the money raise impacts the participant
    • Clearly communicates the fundraising overall goal and the individual participant goal
    • Partners with the boosters to design fun/memorable incentives that are cost effective
    • Dedicates rehearsal time to have participants create campaigns before the kick-off event 
    • Provides a simple example of how easy it is to reach the fundraising goal at an individual level.
      • For example, telling all participants, “If 10 of your 25 contacts donate $25, you have met your goal for this fundraiser!”
  • Talks about the fundraiser often
    • Before the fundraiser starts they inspire participants to create a healthy contact list
    • During the kickoff the directors are with their group interacting with them and having a fun time with them
    • Participates in the incentives that are most fun for the participants (director torture :-))
    • During the momentum phase (post kickoff) of the fundraiser interacts with participants daily regarding the fundraiser.  A couple ways to do this.
      • At the start of each rehearsal recognize the group by telling them thank you for already raising X amount of money
      • Look at reporting daily and recognize the teams and rally the rest of the teams.
    • After the kickoff, dedicates time each week to reward the participants for their efforts (weekly incentives)
    • At the close of the fundraiser dedicates time to end the fundraiser by giving away the end of fundraiser incentives and hosting a community event (if that is part of your plan)