The Fundraising Team

Step 3: 👥 The Fundraising Team

The third step is to put together your team for this fundraiser. Putting together a great team for this fundraiser is so important.  “Many hands make light work”   If you are a director and doing this by yourself please get some volunteers to help you!

The Team

We recommend (4) volunteers/staff members to execute this fundraiser. This fundraiser is very simple if you have more than one person preparing the fundraiser.  When putting this team together I also recommend bringing in a volunteer that can learn the process this season and then be the volunteer lead next season! 

Two Minute Role Review Videos

Below are short 2 minute videos to explain the role of each of the (4) roles we recommend.

Team Overview

Fundraising Lead

Director Lead

Kickoff Lead

Reporting Lead

Here is a PDF of the team and the responsibilities they have:

Call to Action

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