Process overview and kickoff date

Step 2: Kickoff date

Congratulations, you completed the first step (signing the contract) to launching your fundraiser. I am excited to see how much money your team raises. Let’s get started on the rest of the steps to get this fundraiser launched!

Fundraiser KickOff Date

This is the most important date and is in the launch phase. All other dates are determined based on this date.

The kickoff is the day the participants will come together and participate in a fun event we call the Blitz. During this Blitz they will come together as a group, interact with potential donors, earn rewards, and have some fun.

The best days of the week for the kickoff are Thursday or Friday since they are close to pay days for potential donors. A group can select a Wednesday as well. We do not recommend starting a fundraiser on a Monday or Tuesday unless you just need to.

Call to Action

  1. Pick a kickoff date if you have not already and send the date to me.
  2. Continue reading the next steps.