Ending the fundraiser and the invoice

Step 14 & 15 ✌️- Ending the fundraiser and Invoicing

The End

You had a big event to end the fundraiser to bring everyone together!  At this point you have brought the team together multiple times and at your ending event you have brought in the community.  What a great way to build community!

Campaign End Date

All campaigns will be set to end on a certain date.  Once this date happens the “Donate” buttons will be turned off but the campaigns will still exist and amounts will still show on the site.. This will allow your team time to look at final donations for processing and ensure all the data is correct for invoicing.


I will send an invoice based on the contract.  We prefer payment via Zelle.  But we also are happy to accept payment via Venmo or just a plain check.  All that information will be on the invoice.

Removing accounts

The last step I will perform is to remove all accounts from the site.  This is a security prevention step to make sure no accounts can be compromised.

Fundraiser Data

I can send over all the campaign and donor data in an excel spreadsheet upon request.  All data will be deleted from the system one year after the fundraiser by default.  I can take down the site and remove the data sooner than that if you wish.


I LOVE improving the process and the system.  Please let me know if you have any feedback on how I can improve.  This includes documentation, features in the system for donors and participants, reporting enhancements etc.  Please let me know so I can make this an even better fundraiser for you next time and for any other groups in the future!

Call to Action

  1. Let me know the end date so I can update the site.
  2. Please provide me feedback.