Weekly Incentives Reporting & Momentum Tips

🥳 Step 13: Weekly Incentives Reporting & Momentum Tips

Congratulations, you have completed most of the steps for this fundraiser.  You now have money in your account and donations are coming in.  Below are the steps to manage the backend and continue momentum with this fundraiser.

Preparing for reporting weekly incentives

In order for the weekly reporting to be accurate we need to do the following:

Make sure you have logged into your admin dashboard.  Here is a quick tour of the admin dashboard.


Perform a quick audit of the student campaigns and make sure they chose the correct groups. (teams, grades, etc)

To see the students that have not set the correct teams follow these steps:

  1. login to your admin dashboard.
  2. Go to “Charitable” on the left hand side
  3. Select “Categories”
  4. Look to the right the “0. Pick your Team/Section/Grade” rows you will see a blue number.
  5. If the number is greater than zero, click the number and those are the students who need to set up reporting.

Send this video to the participant for them to edit their fundraiser to the correct reporting attributes. The participant will have to make this change, I am unable to on the backend.


6. If students do not get that done watch the video below on how you can modify the team classifications.


Managing duplicate campaigns

There are two types of duplicate campaigns.  The first type is you see many campaigns for the same participants but only one has donations.  In this case, you can safely delete the duplicate campaigns that have zero donations.  Also, In some cases you will see students with multiple campaigns and each of those campaigns have donations.  This will not impact group based reporting assuming the duplicate campaigns have the proper teams set.  If you find these, email me and I will take care of this situation.

Weekly Reports

Your weekly reports are built for Wed-Wed.  Specifically the data stops loading at Wednesday 12:59:59 pm central time.  So look at these reports on Thursday AM.  You can deliver incentives on that Thursday or often many groups give out incentives on a Friday before the weekend.

Below are the links to those reports.  You can also export all donations with your account into a spreadsheet and build your own custom reports if desired. (email to show you how to do that is sent post kickoff)

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Custom Reporting via Downloading Campaigns & Donations into Excel

When you login to your account you will see a View Campaigns and Donations buttons.  You can export all the campaigns and donations to the csv file.

Managing Donations

As the fundraiser continues you might want to manage some of the donations.  There are really only two reasons to manage existing donations which are highlighted below.  If someone gives you cash just follow the directions in the next section.

Moving a check from paid to pending


Moving donations to another campaign


How do I enter a cash donation?

Go to the student campaign and make a cash donation just like a donor would.

What are pending donations?

A common question asked is why are there donations that are not checks in a pending state.  This is most common when using Stripe or paypal as the payment processor.  This means a donor filled out the initial form on the blitz page and then was redirected to the payment processor page and did not finish the donation.  For some bands a volunteer emails those individuals and sees if they need help to finish the donation they started.

For Square based fundraisers, if a person started an Apple or Google Pay payment and did not complete the validation on the device it will be in pending.  Also , if a user enters in credit card information wrong and does not fix this, the donation will be in pending.

Creating momentum week over week

One key success factor is to continue to drive momentum to this fundraiser week over week.  This is done using (3) approaches.

Approach 1 – The MOST EFFECTIVE Approach

Reminders via automated text messages drive many donations with very little effort.   All you need to do is ensure participants enter in mobile numbers in their backstage page.  The video below shows how easy it is to enter and manage contacts.


The system will send text message reminders 3 times.

Approach 2 – Share A LOT on social media!

  • Have parents encourage their friends and family to donate by posting the campaign on Facebook and/or Instagram.  Parents usually share a personal story and a link to the students’ campaigns.  See the end of this document for some great examples.
  • Post updates to your organization’s social media.  These updates say thank you and encourage more donations.  They can also be used to advertise the final fundraising event (performance or march through the streets)  Post updates often, for example when a milestone has been met or when you are so close to reaching the next significant milestone.

Example social media posts

Please review these social media posts with the booster club and also download the parent examples for them to emulate.


Call to Action

  1. Review the weekly reports
  2. Have participants fix their reporting
  3. Remember to reference this document when you need to manage cash payments.
  4. Encourage your parents to share the student campaign on social media
  5. Determine your booster social media sharing strategy.