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Site Setup Questionnaire

The answer to all these questions will help us build out the sites for your organization. If you have any questions about some of these questions please email

More information about the organization

We will use this email address to contact you in the future.
Booster Mailing Address (Checks get sent here)
Booster Mailing Address (Checks get sent here)
This is used to help build the site
(If diff than booster site) This is used to build the site

Fundraiser site details

This section is used to really get into details about the fundraiser to help us build the site
How to come up with this goal? Participants x 70% of contacts x $25 per donation Groups doing this fundraiser for the first time typically will have lower than 70% student participation.
This is typically set by dividing the overall goal by # of students. 100% participation in this fundraiser by group does not happen so please account for a lower student participation rate.
This will be the title of the main campaign and/or blitz site name. (ie. The x Band March-a-thon)
We use this to understand the footprint of how many students will be participating in fundraiser to understand infrastructure needs. (i.e. server capacity)
When a student creates his/her campaign a short text description should be in place to describe the fundraiser and the need. A student can change this default wording if inspired to do so.
When creating the public facing site the top section contains an “About us” section. What do you want possible donors to know about the organization. This if often the purpose or accolades.
When creating the public facing site the middle section contains content to explain why you are raising money. This content is the most important because the more specific details you can give the more likely you are to get donations.
On the main page we show donors what fundraisers have paid for in the past. Typically this is a video of a previous production/show. Please enter the YouTube video link you would like donors to see as an example of what fundraisers have paid for.

Maximum file size: 5.22MB

This image will be used on multiple places on the website. Please use high quality images with a transparent background.. We will need at least one image for the organization. To create a collage upload the following images. – Group photo – (3) other images of members of the group See to get an example of a collage style fundraising site.
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